Here are our top richest celebrity siblings and how much they’re worth, some may surprise you!


The Olsen twins shot to stardom as child actresses and have since gone on to launch hugely successful clothing and accessory lines including couture fashion label ‘The Row’. This has seen their combined empire and net worth grow to a staggering $400 million. Whilst not nearly in the same realm, younger sister Elizabeth has still racked up an impressive $6 million from her acting career.


Beyonce Knowles aka Queen Bey has earned her crown dominating the music charts since the 90s and in the process has accumulated an astonishing net worth of over $500 million. Not enjoying the same runaway success, sister Solange has a net worth of $8 million.


Poppy and Cara entered the competitive world of modelling just a year apart and whilst both sisters have had extremely successful careers, both modelling and now acting, it’s younger sister Cara who has proven to be the real money maker, earning 18 times more than her sister Poppy.


Great-granddaughters to Conrad Hilton – the founder of Hilton Hotels – Paris established herself as a media personality and nightclub DJ, while Nicky founded her own clothes line. Both have a huge net worth, but Nicky’s marriage to James Rothschild – a family member of the immensely wealthy Rothschilds – meant she has one over in the financial department on her big sister.


We all have our favourite Hemsworth brother, but which of the three actors is worth the most? It turns out it’s the middle child, Chris, who has accumulated the highest net worth at just over $90 million.

With a net worth of $26 million, Liam can take comfort in being the most popular with the public though. 46% of all Twitter users voted him their favourite Hemsworth brother, compared to 29% for Chris and 24% Luke.


The Richie sisters took entirely different routes to earn their millions. Nicole started her career as a TV personality on The Simple Life, before launching her own fashion and accessories line, whilst Sofia took to modelling. Nicole, as the oldest sibling, is currently worth three times more than her younger sister Sofia.


Eldest sister Dakota has a two-year advantage on her sister Elle in Hollywood, and in that time has built up a net worth of more than three times more.


The Murray brothers have taken the tennis world by storm. While Andy has won championships as an individual, Jamie has been equally successful as a world-renowned doubles player. Both brothers are keen entrepreneurs, with Andy establishing himself as a successful hotelier and Jamie a successful public speaker.


Will Smith’s children were always destined for the spotlight. Following in their father’s footsteps, both siblings have entered into the world of music and acting. Older brother Jaden has been in the game only one year longer than sister Willow yet has double the net worth. Not bad at all when you consider Jaden is 20 and Willow just 18.


The entire Kardashian-Jenner Klan are used to the limelight, having lived most of their life through the screen. While they’ve all made millions, it’s the youngest child (and billionaire) Kylie who’s knocked Kim off the top spot as the top earner.

But who’s the most popular with the public? Our analysis of over 23 million social media users reveals that Rob is the most popular with the public (34% positive opinion), closely followed in second by Kim (32% positive opinion) and Kourtney in third (31% positive opinion).

Khloe is the least popular member of the family, scoring 29% for negative public opinion.


The Williams sisters’ tennis skills are world renowned, winning a combined total of 12 singles titles at Wimbledon alone, but it’s younger sister Serena who wins this rivalry, with a net worth of almost double her older sister, despite competing for one year less.


Kate and Rooney Mara have both found success in the world of acting, but with lead roles in hit shows like House of Cards, older sister Kate has a net worth of $2 million more than her sister Rooney.


The Hadid sisters are ruling the runways and younger sister Bella is quickly catching up to her older sister’s net worth despite only modelling for seven years, compared to Gigi who has modelled since the age of two. The famous Hadid sisters actually have two other sisters that aren’t in the public eye – Marielle and Alana.


The Boateng brothers are perhaps best known for the fact that older brother Jerome chose to play for Germany, while Kevin-Prince decided to represent Ghana. Born to a German mother and a Ghanian father, the pair often meet on the pitch, most notably during the 2010 and 2014 World Cup finals.


The Jonas brothers rose to fame together as a family band, but now the youngest of the three, Nick, has gone out on his own, growing his net worth to an impressive $25 million, thanks to a successful solo career and co-founding of Safehouse Records.

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