At certain points during the year you may have an influx of new clothing this could be anything from you treating yourself, to birthdays and Christmas time, whatever the occasion it usually results in you having more clothes than space.

As Christmas is coming up and those of us who are fashion inclined we tend to have a lot of new items around this time a year so an article discussing some of the best things that you can do with your old clothes is useful.

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Give your clothes to charity

If you can afford to do so one of the best things you can do with your old clothing is to donate it to charity. Charities, especially this time of year need clothes and every donation you can give them can help someone keep warm this winter.

You can find most charity shops in your town center but if you don’t know of any charities that accept clothes you can either do a Google search, or contact your local council for local registered charities.

You can also donate your clothing to thrift shops or even trade with them if you like items there, this way you get to pass on your preowned clothing and pick up something that isn’t sold in the shops anymore, however, be warned it’s very easy to end up with more items than before using this technique.

Putting your items into storage

This may seem extreme but rather than fill your wardrobe and spare room with clothes you may not wear for a long time you could hire a storage locker or unit. Personal storage lockers are popping up around the country and don’t cost as much as you would think. Hiring storage means that you have more room than you could possibly ever need and it also keeps your home looking neat and tidy too.

Sell your clothing online

Some people try and sell their clothing online and can’t seem to do it successfully. I think this comes down to the wrong expectations as if someone has paid £100 for a t-shirt they expect to sell it for a similar price. In the real world that isn’t realistic and while some items may keep their value most do not. When selling online it’s important to realise why you are selling your clothing, it’s not to be profitable, it’s to make more room in your home so you can fit your new items.

Putting a lower price on your used clothing can help you sell it quickly and allow others who may not have been able to afford that item brand new to now wear it. This should give you some satisfaction as you know one of your clothing items will make someone else happy.

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Recycle it into something new

Recycling your clothing can give it a new lease of life and can also give you an additional hobby you may not have known you would enjoy. With all of the tutorials online teaching you how to sew it doesn’t take long to change one of your old tops into something new that you may love for many years to come.

You could recycle one of your old tops into a brand new facemask, a baby romper, a bib, and much more. Sewing takes some patience but with a little practice, you will be surprised how quickly you can get good at it.


The next time you are thinking about throwing your old clothes into the bin I hope you remember this article and some of the things that can be done with your old clothing.

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