Though at the moment it seems a long shot to expect some blazing hot weather, there is nothing wrong with that pre-summer prep to give your skin and hair a healthy glow, ready for the ‘sun’. Let’s just hope we don’t skip all the months in between and head right back to Winter.

Miaflora Argan Oil

This nourishing oil (£6.49/59ml) is ideal for all hair types and hydrates the hair with minimal effort. Simply add a couple drops of the oil to your conditioner /  moisturiser to add a healthy sheen to your mane.


DHC Men Face Cream (£11/35g) one for the guys. This one helps to maintain soft, smooth kissable skin. Ladies, we have to look after the fellas in our lives as well. It softens rough patches and protects against dryness. Admit it, we all need a bit of skin care help with this harsh unpredictable British weather.

You can never go wrong with KeraCare Detangling Conditioning Mist (£8.50). The KeraCare range is suitable for all hair types and easily detangles while adding heat protection and that valued sheen.

By: Jan-Marie Revers @JammyDodgerZz

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