The Streets have put together a selection of different martinis that will leave your guests shaken and stirred. Whether you are looking to unwind in style or to impress your family and friends when you host your next dinner party, we have the perfect cocktail ideas to suit your needs: 

Elderflower Martini Cocktail

One of the most refreshing and aromatic drinks for the summer is the Elderflower Martini. This simple and aromatic summer cocktail is a delicate mix of vodka, elderflower cordial, dry vermouth and lime juice.


Gin Martini Cocktail

This classic martini is one that every host or bartender should know. There are many ways to make a Martini: Gin or Vodka, little or no vermouth, stirred or shaken, and an olive or lemon twist to garnish. The options are endless.


Blueberry Vodka Martini

These Blueberry Vodka Martinis will be a big hit at any party! Easy to make, combine 2 parts blueberry vodka, 1 part raspberry liqueur, and a dash of lime juice. Shake vigorously and strain into glass. Garnish with twist of lime zest.


Lemon Drop Martini

This martini is a perfect combination of sweet and sour. Very elegant, and so easy to make – you will love this lemony drink!  Simply mix lemon juice with vodka and simple syrup and add a lemon twist to garnish. Adjust the sweetness of this drink with syrup to suit your taste.


The Crantini

The Cranberry martini is a quirky variation of a Cosmopolitan. The cranberry juice mixes beautifully with the liquor. It’s a perfect smooth drink. Combine vodka, orange liqueur, vermouth, cranberry juice and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously and garnish with dried or fresh cranberries for a fruity twist.

Words : Yashi Banymadhub

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