Have you ever thought about how essential water is for all our lives? In our bodies there are about 45 litres of water, that is the 75% of all the body. Experts say that is necessary to drink at least 2 litres a day: this because everyday we eliminate about 2 litres of water with urine, sweat and also breathing. The amount of water you have to drink depends in particular on your weight. Find out yours in the table below!

But why water is so important? First of all it permits you to maintain the right body’s hydration and helps your organism to work good. It is fantastic for your skin, that appears healthier and brighter and with few (or none) pimples during adolescence and few (or none) wrinkles in advanced age. It has magnificent effects also on your weak hair.


Water Feature

A woman before and after drinking three litres of water a days.

Water has a lot of benefits also for the heart and for kidneys, because it makes easier the ejection of the unnecessary elements. It fights infections, gets rid of body toxines and reduces the risk of cancer! Furthermore if you feel tired water can give you energies: in fact it helps the blood hauling oxygen to the brain.
Moreover drinking water can be a good way for losing weight: it speeds up the metabolism, gives you a feeling of fullness and is an excellent substitute of sparkling drinks and fruit juices that are full of calories. It is also the best way to eliminate cellulite, that is caused by hydric retention.

Finally drinking water is fundamental for people who practice sport. In fact the body cools down with the sweat and water helps it regulating body’s temperature.

CXCW4N Thirsty athlete drinking water after workout

So what are you waiting for? Start drinking water!

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