Trends & Tags is a unisex fashion marketplace filled with brands, influencers and artists creating exciting – on trend content. Streetwear platform Trends & Tags is ready to make a big splash! Having already worked with more than 70 brands, including Adidas, Nike, Criminal Damage and hundreds of fashion influencers – the platform is ready to take over.

The Platform has already been supported by artists such as Paigey Cakey Afro B and Nadia Rose

Living in a society where we’re used to buying into fashion from the commercial outlets and their corporate structures.Trends & Tags is run by a team of young fashion and music content creators that live and breathe what they create. The result is an authentic platform filled with independent fashion brands, music artists and influencers straight from the culture. It’s here to celebrate street culture.

The platforms been supported by artists such as Ms Banks, Afro B, Nadia Rose and more. It’s definitely the one-to-watch!

Founder Walter Harris said:

“The heart of Trends & Tags is community, we’re building an amazing community of brands, music artists, influencers, customers and I guess what we’re doing is giving a voice to these people.

There’re so many amazing brands that are not being seen and that’s usually because of the red tape with these big companies and what we’re doing here is helping people discover these brands and helping these brands grow their businesses.

A lot of these brands come from our culture, their young kids that have mad talent, their mad creative and we want to help them grow, build a business and give jobs to people in their community.”

Trends & Tags are having their first pop-up store at Boxpark Shorditch on the 5th of November.

See you there Amorelles!

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