After evolving her collaborative brand consultancy to a global level, Francesca Gamble has continued to create and execute communication strategies for lifestyle and luxury brands.

Twenty-Nine London evolved gradually, starting off on an iPad, Gamble grew her business which is now based off Shoreditch High Street. “It wasn’t something I sat and thought I wanted to create, I think that’s the beauty in it, I never over thought it.”

With no outside backing she built the business from the ground up “I think in today’s business environment most startups have investors behind them, I don’t have this right now but I’m always open to the idea of additional support”

The company, which has been up and running for two years is based on a bespoke network of marketers and creatives, working with new brands as well as existing ones.

“We build new brands from the ground up and work on special projects for existing global brands, but whatever the communicational challenge we work holistically across all brand channels to find the best solution for that client.”

Having surrounded herself with people who had their own businesses, she became inspired by their way of life. “It comes with huge challenges as you would expect, but I knew business would always be part of my life as I’m a hard worker and enjoy my time learning and developing my skill set.”

As well as learning and developing her own personal skills, she also helped create job opportunities for others. However, one of her favourite moments was working with London Fashion Week, “over the last years it’s been brilliant fun. Being able to work on a few launches. I’m always so grateful for the opportunities.”

“Being an entrepreneur you have to remain agile and have a huge amount of brain capacity to switch between all the many hats you have to wear. It’s not a job for everyone, but the key is not to panic, just slowly keep working away and you’ll get there in the end. It’s a marathon not a sprint.”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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