A Bartholin’s gland, otherwise known as a Bartholin’s duct, is a small pair of pea-sized glands found on either side of the vagina. Located in the inner lips at the entrance of the labia majora, they usually go unnoticeable. These tiny glands / ducts comes in extremely handy for both us ladies and men! How? Well, these glands secrete fluid which later acts as a lubricant during sex.

The problem, however, arises if the glands are blocked. Believe it or not, this is not as unusual as you may think. It could happen to anyone who is sexually active. Well… any woman. If they are blocked they will fill up with liquid and begin to swell. This is known as a Bartholin’s cyst, if it becomes infected it is then known as an abcess.

Solution.. Depending on the size and whether it is painful or not one has three options. Firstly, if it is not painful and small it would usually go on its own. Secondly, one could use antibiotics and wait it out. Finally, if the problem persists a small operation is recommended to drain or even remove the gland. Ladies, keep checking!

Written by: Jan-Marie (@JammyDodgerZz)

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