Would bad sex ruin your relationship?

Sex can be a big deal in some relationships, because it’s where the passion is released and where love is made. It’s probably one of the biggest pleasures we have in life. Imagine finally getting comfortable enough to lie naked with your partner, only for it to fall short of what you had expected.

Either party can be too busy imitating what they’ve seen on the internet and they forget to actually connect properly at that intimate moment.

Often women lie about how ‘great’ the sex is with their other half to avoid hurting their partner. Sometimes men believe that if a woman doesn’t climax then the time spent being intimate wasn’t pleasurable from her side, which is false. Women are still able to enjoy sex without climaxing, believe it or not. However, you’d be very surprised by how many times a female has to fake a climax just so it will be over. I know the men reading this are probably thinking ‘Nope, every girl I’ve had sex with, got her climax  OK’ No you just got yours, I promise. It can take up to five years before some women actually experience a real intense orgasm. But how long do you wait if the sex itself is bad? How do you tell the person you’re sleeping with that they’re actually not that good in bed? Do you teach him how to give you better sex or just keep quiet and fake the whole session saying ‘Oh yeah baby, harder’ when it’s in fact ‘Has he cum yet?’

Words by: Dami Olonisakin

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