Young Britannia invited Amor magazine to their exclusive fashion shoot!

Other than missing the HUGE food fight which kicked off! The fashion shoot gracefully showed of Danielle’s (Founder of Young Britannia) new fresh hats, which young Britannia are now releasing!!

(I have the red beanie hat … HOT!) 

The hats have such a street swag to it; definitely something you would see in “swag” heaven! Bricklane. Young and fresh is what came to mind when I had a look at the fresh clothing line.

For those of you who don’t know, Young Britannia is a fashion line dedicated to delivering edgy British inspired products!

“Danielle Porteous, who is the founder of Yound Britannia wanted to find a way of encouraging unity and positivity into the hearts of all Young Britons through the medium of fashion!”

(Behind the scenes) 

Whilst at the fashion shoot, i also had a one and one interview, with the founder of Young Britannia!

(Fashion editor Wardah Sempa with Founder of Young Britannia Danielle Porteous!)

You spoke about just being back from Europe, what were you doing over there?

I went on holiday and then I went through Turkey, to have a look at some suppliers there for mass production. Because we should be getting some big distribution deals over there.

What was your inspiration for this line?

“It’s sort of edgy street wear; I don’t usually wear street wear outfits but technically it is street wear, so I wanted to do something that I would wear as well as my friends. That’s the whole influence behind it.”

“Beanie’s I’ve always worn, for years and years.”

(Founder of Young Britannia Danielle Porteous)

“Snap backs not so much, but they are something everyone likes so, as soon as the brand started, everyone was like to me “ when are you going to do hats?” It took a while to get the right theme; because you don’t want to just start with anything, so we went through loads of things. But really the crown is for royal Britain and the lion is for the pride of Britain.”

Since you already have tops, and now hats, are you looking to do any trousers/skirts?

“I would say in the next year, hopefully do a premium range as well; and we have Younger Britannia coming up for the kids and babies as well, so next year.”

Any events or announcements coming up?

“We will do another Funky Buddha event, not so much like the last one, with the fashion show, but more of just a promotion with the hats! I think we’re gonna have a couple of events like that over the next few months.”

“But yeah, right now I am trying to concentrate on my designs with the younger Britannia collections.” – Danielle Porteous

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Words: Wardah Sempa 

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