You give a lot of business advice on your platform for example you speak on having multiple streams on income, how important do you feel it is for millennial’s to know the importance of being business savy?

I don’t actually think it’s that important to be business savvy if you look at what is making people successful these days. Of course it’s an added advantage but I would advise millennials to think outside the box, turn their passion into profit and outsource for things their not particularly good at or interested in e.g business/finance

You were part of a different channel for some time before launching your solo channel. Did it feel weird at all at first when you published your first video with just yourself, and what was the feedback from your subscribers? 

No it didn’t at all. I was with two of my friends who are YouTubers (beauybybemi & thatgirldami) at the time I made my first two videos live. They encouraged me and made me feel confident. I got positive feedback from subscribers and questions about why I left the other channel.

You balance quite a lot as I know you are a makeup artist and you have an ebook as well as full time job. How do you find the balance for each of your hustles ? and what tip would you share to others who want to implement balancing different streams of income? 

I don’t actually have a 9-5 anymore; I work for myself completely now. I did however work full time when I was doing my masters, doing make up and starting a business. I would advise to always have this quote in mind: ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Organisation is key! Always have a plan b and make everyday a productive one even if it’s only one task you complete.

When did you decide that you wanted to have your own solo platform, and was your nervous at all at how the subscribers would receive you? 

A few weeks after leaving the other channel I missed YouTube and my supporters so I decided to create my own channel. Yes, I was nervous but I didn’t let that stop me.

You speak about the law of attraction on your channel, do you believe that this is something that everyone should apply to their life? 

Yes, 100%! You’d be surprised how your life starts to shift in a more positive direction once you start implementing it.

What is one business tip you would give to anyone that wants to start a business in the creative space or even just a side hustle? 

Research, research, research! Find out all the positives, the negatives. Speak to people who have found success in the field you’re going into as well as people who have failed. Where did they go wrong? What could you do to be successful? Do not go into anything without doing your due diligence.

As well as a Youtuber you are also a makeup artist, what is the one must have item that you use on all your clients? 

A beauty blender! I think it gives a more flawless foundation look than any brush I’ve ever used.

You were part of a beauty business with the girls you shared your prior channel with. Would you ever consider launching your own range of cosmetics? 

At this time no, but I’ll never say never.

What does 2019 have in store for you in terms of Youtube content? 

I hope to go back to uploading four videos a week by summer 2019. The first half of the year, I’m working on a project you’ll all find out about if all goes to plan, fingers crossed!

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