We caught up with the inspirational goal getter Aliyah Maria Bee who everyone wants to be best friend’s with (like really) With her youtube channel sitting at 170k and her Instagram page on 138K followers, there’s no wonder the hilarious beauty is always on the go. There is money and moves to be made. I am going to be and I am already a businesswoman” 

You have had such a successful career so far in the Youtube game, how do you manage to keep your authenticity and remain relevant in the scene with so many individuals starting channels everyday? 

When you’re in an industry like mine you have to remain level headed or else you can fall into the dark side and start doubting yourself. I tend to take breaks or keep myself around positive people to keep motivated and inspired. Sometimes I get a creative block but I’m not mad at it, I just know that everything is happening at the right time. You can’t focus on other creatives more than yourself, that’s when you start to lose your mind. 

You seem to have such a fun presence on social media, sort of like that girl that everyone wants to be best friends with, do you feel that it is important to be relatable to your audience and show your fun side? 

Personality is the one thing that will make you different from everyone else by default. I think it’s so important to show your character on your platform. I tend to do it for fun and luckily it’s happened to actually bring me so many opportunities like having a radio show to being in big brand campaigns.

You have developed a great friendship with different youtubers such as Nella Rose, The Patronnes, Annie Drea, Mimi Mifsfit and Rachel Bada. How did your friendships develop? and do you feel that it is important to have genuine friendships with individuals who also do the same thing as you? 

First it was myself, Rachel and Mimi and we fell into a friendship first then YouTube collaborations came afterwards. We then got introduced to the Patronnes, Annie and Nella via mutual friends and like I said earlier we ended being friends first THEN YouTube came afterwards. When we hang out we try not to make it a collaboration, we just want to spend quality time and catch up on each other’s lives. Our supporters love when we collaborate of course and we do too but sometimes we just want to chill and have fun being present in the now. I think having genuine friends in the industry is super important, it helps you keep focused and inspired. I love my girls!

You recently started at challenge on your youtube channel titled ‘Changing my life in 365 days’ you stated all the things you want to accomplish before your next birthday. What inspired you to start this challenge and will this be something that you will do quite regularly?

I saw a challenge like this on another YouTube’s channel, her name is Dotty. She was already like 5 months in and I was inspired to start my own. I felt like I needed a fresh new start after having a very challenging but also rewarding year being 21. So I want to make 22 even better and I’m currently loving it, I’ve manifested so much into my life already. Hopefully I’ll make this a thing and get people on board as my purpose in life is to help others. I love self help books, challenges and projects. 

You’ve been doing Youtube for a few years now, is this something that you knew you always wanted to do?  

My followers actually wanted me to start YouTube and I thought why not. It was a big risk when I started because I actually dropped out of university for this so I knew I had to give it my all. I love YouTube, it is something I always wanted to do and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I got so much to share.

How long into when you started your channel did you realise that you could actually do this full time? 

I think I only realised it about 2 years into my channel. I knew people lived off YouTube and it was a career but I never thought it would ACTUALLY happen for me. It’s so crazy how quickly my channel grew. 

You have such a great eye for style – makeup & hair included. Would you ever consider starting your own business such as a clothing line or a beauty range? 

Starting a business is already on my 365 day challenge wish list and I can’t wait to start. Being a business woman means so much to me because I don’t want to be labelled as a YouTuber, Influencer or a blogger anymore. I’m going to be and I already am a business woman.

What plans do you have for your channel in 2019? can we expect to see more collaborations with other Youtubers? 

2019 is a big year for me, I’m pushing myself to do things that scare me and I can’t wait for that. I just want to be creative as possible. I will also be doing more collaborations with other YouTubers and other special people in my life!

What advice would you give to someone that wants to start a youtube channel, or just a business in general? 

I would say start now and don’t waste time procrastinating, I can tell you that from experience. No one can stop you but yourself, it’s so simple but we always tend to forget that. It’s a risk you need to take, the best thing you can do for yourself is change your mindset and I promise you your life will change. Start with an idea, make a plan and excel, it’s so simple. It’s not easy but it’ll be easier if you start now and don’t make excuses!

Lastly, what brand (fashion or beauty) would be the ultimate dream to work with?

Pretty Little Thing! doing a collaboration with them would be insane. I love everything they’re about and my friends tell me all the time that they see me having my own clothing line with them. That would be a dream come true!

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