How do you muster up motivation to head to the gym, when you have zero energy?  You’ve probably tried getting up an hour earlier and headed to the gym and the next day you’re back to hitting the snooze button.  Let’s face it, who is really a morning person – only the freakish few.

This battle we face with our bodies, what we eat and our precious sleep, are all initial constituents that we must overcome to rally ourselves to the gym. How do we do this though?

Firstly, how do you become more of a morning person

Well this may never be easy, as alternating schedules make it harder to maintain a routine, BUT getting into a routine to start off with can be a great start.  You may not stick to this routine every week, but if you figure out what days generally work for you, then you’re in a better position to stick to those days and make other plans around these days.

Don’t hit the SNOOZE button



You wont make it easier on yourself if you hit that button. Once your initial alarm goes off, you are now awake. You’re in a limbo like sleep, where you’re mind is aware you have another 10 minutes or so to spare but your body is still in a slumber.  By getting up as soon as your alarm goes off each day, you’ll avoid throwing off your body clock.

Plan and pack your outfit the night before

You probably do this with your work attire, so why don’t you take the extra 2 minutes to do this with your gym clothes.  Your gym outfit needn’t be as well put together as your work one, but packing it in advance is a sure way to get your butt to the gym after work.

Change into your gym clothes at work 

For me personally, I am more likely to head to the gym if I’m already in my gym clothes by the time I’ve stepped out of work.  If I leave it until I get to the gym, one – I’ve delayed precious workout time and two – I am more inclined to take a detour home instead.  Being in my gym clothing before I get to the gym, puts me in a better mindset for what comes next.

Get body envy on Instagram

Kayla Itsines, Shape

Have a little scroll on insta, just a little one. We all know how one profile can lead to another and before you know it you’re an hour deep into it. Instagram is loaded with fitness bloggers, wannabe personal trainers to fitness gurus and I don’t know about you, but it definitely gives me the kick I need to head to the gym.  So don’t just be a dormant scroller, be an active one. You can find plenty grams out there that target specific areas you might want to work on or offer good workouts to try. This will also help get you out of the groove of doing the same old workout.

Check out HBFIT  and Kayla Itsines for a start.

Get a personal trainer or a fitness fanatic friend

So maybe you can afford a personal trainer or better yet you know someone who wants to build a portfolio for personal training on Instagram and you’re up for the challenge.  You may prefer to work out on your own, but having a partner who’s more motivated than you are or a PT, you are more inclined to give it a better go.

Words by: Toni Amporful

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