Ironically, I’m seeing camo print everywhere at the moment. It’s in Kylie Jenner’s new collection, celebrities are being spotted in camouflage and it has been creeping up in high street stores for a couple of months now. It’s as though we have stepped back into the Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor’ music video, and we are not even slightly sorry about it.

The juxtaposition of the neutral colours against the busy pattern in Camo seems to make for the perfect casual statement print which will bring a simple outfit to life. The khaki, browns and beige colours guarantee camo will work with any outfit. Throw on a camouflage jacket with anything in your wardrobe, and instantly your outfit will look complete, and well thought out.

Camouflage gives a casual more masculine feel to an outfit, while also having a classiness which can be dressed-up. Whether you’re looking to mix up your day or evening wear with this print, there seems to be nothing it can’t do.

Maybe it is the prints military past – but there’s something about seeing someone in camouflage and getting a ‘badass, strong human’ vibe. It has the connotations of strength and power – something we should all be proud to reflect in our wardrobe choice.

Adding an oversized camo jacket will give a relaxed finish to your look and will work with pretty much any outfit. Or you could decide to opt for a camo crop top, it will give a little more feminine edge to the masculine print.

Camouflage is most definitely not only for those trying to lie low in the armed forces – but for us women who actually want to be noticed – funnily enough, we turn heads wearing camouflage.

There’s no other way to say it than camo looks cool, and it seems everybody can pull it off.

Words : Chloe Hariet

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