Unfortunately, the old saying can be somewhat true; friends do come and go. However, every so often a few special sisters stick around for the long haul. No doubt there’s a few girlfriends in your life you’d like to lock down for a permanent friendship, but it’s tough facilitating those bonds as the years start to roll by, right?

What if there was a way to stay connected through the highs, lows and boring between phases of friendship? After all, Britons reportedly have fewer close friends than those from other countries, so clearly something needs to be done here!

Consequently, here’re 3 tips to help you stay in touch with your friends.

1. Celebrate the big things

Life is full of occasional tedium and dullness. When you fall out of touch with your friends, it’s often because of the somewhat mundane daily routine that everyone is subjected to. Then, when something special happens, it can be this all-consuming thing that doesn’t make the rounds in every corner of your social circle.

Birthdays, promotions and job offers, engagements, a new dog; they’re all special occasions that can really give a friendship some extra mileage. Make certain to celebrate your friends’ bigger moments too! You can send a new job card from Card Factory for a personalised touch, or even just a text message if your bond is quite casual. Remember birthdays and all that good stuff, and you’ll occasionally have a real reason to talk about a meaty and personal subject.

Frankly, more often than not social media is a waste of time. If you’re going to log on, try to use it properly! That means interacting with friends beyond stalking profiles or liking posts. Have conversations that’re long and private, and not brief, emojicentric or confined to publicly viewable comment sections. This is a great way to build that sense of intimacy, even online.  

If you sign into social media and you and your friend can feel like you can message each other on a whim, this’ll really help your bond survive. After all, it’s all about give and take, and there needs to be an openness and accessibility so that you can stay in touch in the long-term future. Avoid minimal responses and be up for a meaningful dialogue, and things will work out!

3. Send pictures

Talking is one thing, but images add another dimension to your friendship. Be sure to send occasional life updates in the form of pictures! Try to avoid things like pouty selfies and pictures of your meals, and instead photograph things like holidays, adventures, a stylish product you’ve bought, a new look and so forth.

There’s also the case that if your pals see your happy face a lot, they may just feel a bit closer and more connected to you, as it’s more personal than just a line long text message. Additionally, don’t just post pictures on your Twitter timeline for everyone to see – send them privately via text, email or Snapchat to build that trust and sense of exclusive interaction.

If you’re good with time management, staying in touch with your friends can be quite easy. Remember the big life moments, be an open book online and in person, and be sure to send lots of pictures of what you get up to. Success here mostly depends on simply making a real concentrated effort, and being a good friend!

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