The arrival of the warmer season means new summer hairstyles are in order, and this is something the best barbers understand only too well! The sunshine is now in full swing, and people want fresh hair cuts for when they’re out in the fresh air at parties, festivals and barbecues!

As a hairdresser, you’re probably about to get extremely busy if you aren’t already! Therefore, it’s time to invest in some new tools from Capital Hair and Beauty and embrace the onslaught of customers.

Additionally, you should also be asking yourself that all important question; what’re the top summer hairstyles to try on clients? Well, here’s a few suggestions below!

Wavy lob

The wavy lob is a very popular hairstyle for celebrities and regular folk alike. It’s simple to cut and easy to maintain for the customer, and its stylish simplicity means that it’s flattering for just about anyone no matter their looks, head shape and size, and so forth. The wavy lob works in all colours, in all situations!

This hairstyle is also light on the head too, which means those hot and humid days won’t be too bothersome. Short and sweet, there’s an airy quality to the wavy lob. There’s enough hair there to do something with it, but not enough to be a burden when heatwaves are inbound!

Top bun

Hairstyles say a lot about a person. For example, in the remote village of Yay Pote Gyi in central Myanmar, residents wear different hairstyles to indicate where they stand romantically as part of their tradition. The UK’s classic top bun, however, indicates someone who is all about getting things done and being practical for the event at hand.

The perfect thing about a top bun is that there’s a never-ending plethora of accessories you can slot in and around it too. If your client’s hair keeps flapping around their face, but they can’t quite bring themselves to chop it all off, top buns are the best way to go thereafter. There’s room for flexibility and creativity with this hairstyle!

A shaved head

Nothing feels quite as liberating as a shaved head. Many of your clients will no doubt be clambering for the most basic do of all time, simply because it can cool down a head or two significantly at summertime. No stress, no fuss, and products and styles don’t need to be thought about for a long time when everything’s shaved off either.

In fact, all a shaved head really requires is a quick wash here and there to keep the scalp and roots in good condition. After that though, there’s truly no worries wherever a shaved head is concerned!


These summer hairstyles focus on a sense of lightness and convenience. Summer is hot and heavy and can be incredibly taxing on one’s energy and stamina. As a hairdresser, keep this in mind with your styling; anything too elaborate and product heavy will simply fall apart with constant bouts of sweat and sun!

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