We would all love whiter teeth. Whiter teeth can make us look younger and healthier and make us feel more confident. However, achieving and maintaining a white smile can at times be tricky so here are some tips and pointers to get you started.

Brushing & Flossing

It may sound silly but brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing is the best way to achieve whiter teeth. You need a good fluoride toothpaste. Adults should use a toothpaste that contains at least 1,450 parts per million (ppm) fluoride. At night time, try not to rinse after brushing to leave a reservoir of fluoride which will help to remineralise tooth enamel and prevent cavities. Flossing also helps remove any excess bacteria and food particles.

Clean your tongue

Your tongue carries both good and bad bacteria but its close proximity to the back of your throat means that it can potentially harbour viruses present in that area. Brushing your tongue helps to freshen breath and clean your mouth of any bacteria as well as keeping your teeth whiter. Stick your tongue out and make several long strokes across your tongue to give it a good clean.

Reduce your sugar intake

Ever since childhood, we are told that too much sugar will rot your teeth. But, less tooth decay is not the only benefit for your mouth. Many benefits can be seen from reducing your daily sugar intake such as less tooth decay, you’ll likely have less tooth discolouration, you’ll have better breath, and you’ll have a healthier mouth.

Avoid caffeine and dark liquids

Consuming liquids such as coffee, tea, or Coca Cola regularly can stain your teeth leaving them looking dark and yellow. By cutting down on your intake of these liquids can leave your teeth looking and feeling so much cleaner and whiter. If you’re needing your sugar fix with a fizzy drink then try switching to clear drinks such as lemonade.

Fruit & Veg

A diet high in fruits and vegetables may be good for both your body and your teeth. Although they’re no substitute for brushing them, crunchy, raw fruits and vegetables can help rub plaque away as you chew.

Home teeth whitening kits can be controversial with some causing more sensitivity that increasing the whiteness of your teeth. However, the Stylsmile is a good, well-trusted teeth whitening kit to use. It is the ONLY at-home Teeth Whitening Kit to Combine 3 Scientifically-Proven Methods to Achieve at Least 2 Shades Whiter Teeth in One Week.

Stylsmile have identified the need to create an affordable, non-sensitive whitening kit that not only whitens teeth, but continues to whiten every single day and with minimal effort. Simply replace your current tooth-brushing routine with the sleek Stylsmile sonic blue-light toothbrush and PAPtech™ toothpaste and boost whitening with our accelerator tray and whitening gels.

Kit Contents

  • Sonic rechargeable toothbrush with travel cap
  • Replacement toothbrush head
  • USB charging lead
  • 75ml PAPtech™ toothpaste
  • LED accelerator tray with batteries
  • Silicone mouth tray
  • 3 x 3ml whitening gel syringes

Stylsmile Ultimate Whitening Kit WAS £149.99 NOW £74.99

Try some of these tips and see if they help you when trying to whiten your teeth at home!

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