From bad luck to negative energy to dated design, there are many reasons people are wary about spending on second-hand engagement rings. But what if we tell you that buying a pre-owned engagement piece is not a bad idea at all?  We swear upon second-hand rings and here are five reasons why.

Second Hand is Sustainable

We are all aware of the adverse impact of mining on the environment. Opting for second-hand rings lessens the need to produce brand new ones.  Lesser demand for brand new items means less mining, which leads to the conservation of valuable resources such as fuel and water, reduction of wastes, and preservation of the environment. There are plenty of fine pieces to go around already, no need to destroy entire ecosystems to get a single gem.

Second Hand is Ethical

In 2000 governments, major diamond producers, buyers, and sellers convened in Kimberley, South Africa, to end the trade of conflict diamonds that were financing civil wars in Africa.  In some areas, however, the unregulated mining of diamonds continues to give rise to human rights violations, including forced labour, beatings, and torture.  Sure, you can buy unused jewellery from reputable sellers that source their gems from conflict-free zones.  However, an estimated $24 million worth of smuggled diamonds continue to reach the market, according to the United Nations.  If you want to do your share in ethical consumerism, go second-hand.

Buying Vintage is Classy and Different

Vintage and antique hold a charm that seems to never goes out of style.  Think of the effort put into the work.  The idea that the stone may have been cut and polished by hand is sentimentally romantic.  In many ways, an old stone has way more appeal than a mass-produced one. Not to mention usually the pre-owned jewellery on sale comes with a story and a unique character, something that money can’t buy.

Better Value

With a second-hand ring, you get more bang for your buck.  It does not mean you are settling for less.  On the contrary, the majority of pre-owned pieces come in excellent quality and high-grade materials.  So why are they cheaper?  Sellers typically inflate the cost of brand-new jewellery to 200 to 500 per cent.

That new two-carat diamond ring that costs £15,000 at the store could very well sell for £3,000 second hand. You can use your saved money for something more practical, such as your wedding, down payment on your house, or your honeymoon. Now, that’s good value.

Giving Well Made Second-Hand Rings a Home

Many people steer away from purchasing second-hand engagement rings for fear of bad luck.  However, no study, scientific or otherwise, proves that a non-living object can affect a relationship.  Besides, not all second-hand engagement rings are a result of broken marriages or engagements.  Many pieces come from couples who are still together and merely want extra money for other things, like a house, a dream vacation, another ring.

Even if the jewellery did come from a failed relationship, it could be lucky for you this time around, especially if you got it at a much more affordable cost.  After all, love is about giving second chances.  So why not give a second-hand ring, crafted with love and care, a second home?

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