5 things women want in a relationship.

Men often claim that women are complicated individuals and hard to understand, and blame this the reason for their shortfalls in relationships. But come on ladies, we don’t ask for that much do we? All we want is your undivided attention and time, reminders that you love us, compliments and lots of nice chocolates. Not to add loyalty. Loyalty will override all the other wants by females in a relationship. Anyways, below is a guide on what women really seek in a relationship.

Every woman loves surprises in a relationship. You don’t need to go all out and put on a party, but just show your partner that you appreciate her. Perhaps take home her favourite flowers, or go home early and organise a candle-light dinner. It’s all about being pro-active in a relationship and ensuring you are trying your best to keep a smile on her face!

Most relationships fall apart as a result of couples talking less, listening less and doing less together. To keep a relationship healthy, it is important to share feelings with each other and maintain good conversation, to better understand and be welcoming to each other. Women love it when their partners regularly call and text, it shows her she’s on your mind and you care enough to check up on her or find out how her day has been.

It seems like men exert a lot of attention in trying to make a woman theirs, however when they get her, they stop doing the things it took to get her. This may be complimenting her everyday, taking her out on nice dates and buying her gifts. Why do men suddenly stop doing these things? These small, but sweet gestures obviously make women feel special, therefore should you not be creating this effect again and again in a relationship? Rightly so, as women deserve it!

4. FUN
Relationships should always be a top up to a good foundation to friendship. Women enjoy engaging with activities with their partners. Go ice-skating, ball-room dancing or even bowling together. It can be anything, as long as you are both together and having a laugh. Because lets face it, with everything going on in the world, relationships can get tougher as tie goes on, its nice to relax and take the ride smoothly.

A man is a woman’s backbone in a relationship. She wants to feel comfortable when she’s with you, when she wants to share something that’s been burning her chest. A woman wants to know you will not judge her, you will support and look after her.

Lilufa Uddin Freelance Writer Twitter: @Lilufa_Uddin Blog: www.caramelstunner.blogspot.com/

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