I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing about the current issues concerning Covid-19, so we’re here to give you some tips on home hair pampering which will perk your mood right up during this lockdown.

With all shops (excluding supermarkets) being closed, it is very easy to let our general hair maintenance slip. However, we have some tips that could save you from some beauty disasters.

Now with our trusted hairdressers out of action, don’t try to box dye it, they never turn out how we imagine, and we always end up regretting it eventually!

Instead, why don’t you try giving your brassy blonde a touch of toner?

There are soooo many brands on the market that are all available to buy online, which are brilliant for taking away the brassy tinge that blondes tend to get when they need a touch up. One in particular that we rate best at Amor is ‘Bleach Blonde’ by Lee Stafford. This toner states on the instructions how long you should leave it on for, dependent on what finish they’re after.

The Bleach Blonde toning treatment removes any brassiness to your hair whilst leaving it smelling divine! A perfect solution during between appointment touch ups. There are two different tonight treatments that area available to buy dependent on your desired finish:


  •  Formulated with purple pigment to brighten blonde
  • Neutralises yellow undertones
  • Nourishes, strengthens and repairs fragile hair
  • Protects from heat styling


  • Formulated with blue pigment for a silver finish
  • Eliminates brassy orange undertones
  • Acts as a pre-damage shield to protect the hairs natural keratin
  • Brightens dull and damaged hair

All of Lee Stafford’s products are vegan friendly and cruelty free, they are also available online to buy on their online website and are available to be dispatched within 24 hours, so come on, literally what more could you ask for?

A toner could literally be your best friend during this lockdown so its definitely worth giving it a try!

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