Emerging R&B songstress Alichè showcases exactly why she needs to be on your radar, with the release of her brand new single ‘Could You?’. Her soulful nostalgic touch sets her apart from the rest, and her rich vocal quality is instantly recognisable. The West London based artist shares her new track right in time for the cold winter months, reminding us to make the most of this time and reach out to those we care for when we need them.

Growing up, the home was where the harmony was for Alichè. Influenced by a vibrant palette of artists including John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Al Green, Papa Wemba and Stevie Wonder, she began to build her own path and sound. Escaping from the confines of her classroom to the Institute of Contemporary Music, she found she could freely and unapologetically express her true self. Infusing an abundance of hope within her craft, her soul-baring authenticity is something that will stick in your mind.

Speaking of her new single, Alichè said: “Looking out at the way the world is at the moment I think it’s important to tell people we need and want them, who knows when we can tell them again. So if you want the deeper side to it, I guess I’m not very good at telling people when I need them. Then winter comes in and the days get shorter and colder, we could sometimes do with something to lift us from time to time. I know I definitely do. Writing ‘Could You?’ was accepting that, being playful and a way of seeing the better and higher sides of winter.”

Going from strength to strength, Alichè is one to remember. Watch this space.

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