Beginners Guide to Fetish Clubs

No one comes out of the womb latex clad and armed with a whip; no matter how well versed in the art of fetish some may be, they all had to start somewhere!

Whether you’re merely curious to catch a glimpse of what goes on inside these infamous kinky nightclubs, or you’re actually interested in dabbling in the fetish scene, entering a fetish club for the first time can be a little intimidating.

But never fear – all you need is a great outfit, an open mind and some basic knowledge to take your first steps into the cult of fetish clubs with ease.  The first two are simple enough to achieve, and for the third we’ve got your back; here’s our what, where and how guide to get you from curious to club…

What can I expect from the UK fetish scene?

You may already have preconceptions about the fetish scene, BDSM and bondage; the media coupled with recent book and film releases (i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey) has provided a glimpse into this world, however this ‘glimpse’ probably isn’t all that accurate.

The best way to learn about fetish is to actually go and experience it for yourself; and where better to do so than in one of the many fun, relaxed clubs where drinks flow freely and sexual freedom without judgement is encouraged?!

Participants in the fetish scene often love to talk about their passion, so if you’re curious simply ask; most will spend ample time answering your questions and discussing their personal experiences.

What is a fetish club like inside, and how do I choose one to attend?!

Well, that completely depends on the club you choose to go to – and there are a plethora of kinky options! If you’re just starting out though, it’s probably a good idea to start out at one of the larger clubs so you can get a feel for the place and see as much of the world as possible – that way you can work out exactly what attracts you and where you fit in.

Torture Garden, London’s most famous fetish club, has everything a bondage virgin could ever dream of; decked out with poles to dance on, a dungeon, dancefloors, playrooms and performances by seasoned professionals, this is the ultimate in adult night life.

The attendees are also famously friendly, eclectic and outgoing, meaning you’re likely to feel at ease and find fellow fetish-philes to dance/play/fondle the night away with.

If you have a particular theme in mind, or some section of kink you’re dying to explore, then it’s easy to look for themed nights and find a club which caters for specific tastes. For example, some clubs will be more focussed on the social side of performances and dancing with a side of sexy play if you’re feeling it, whilst others centralise the entire night around the naughty dungeon experience.

Some clubs are for swingers, others cater for solely females/males, and some even require you come in a pair. The best way to find out which clubs are for you is to check them out online; their website content and galleries will allow you to quickly assess if they’re the club you wish to take the plunge with!

Did you just say gallery?! No photos, please!

Don’t worry, clubs are always courteous and personal cameras are not allowed. Some clubs offer special rooms where professional photography takes place to serve as a moment of your night.

Can I go to a fetish club alone?

More often than not, first time clubbers don’t have many like-minded mates to go along to the club events with – but this isn’t a problem. Yes, some clubs have a no singles rule, but there are plenty which are singles friendly (just check out their websites to find out their admissions policy).

These singles friendly club nights are in fact a great way to introduce yourself to the fetish scene, as long as you go in with the right attitude. You’ve made it as far as the clubs website and now you’re in the club, so use the opportunity! Talk to people and be social; usually telling someone something along the lines of ‘hi, my name is …. and it’s my first time in a fetish club’ is a great way to make yourself a fetish friend.

What’s the dress code?!

In case you hadn’t noticed, fetish clubs are probably just as much about the outfit as they are about the sex! So much so, that those who haven’t made an effort will point blank be refused entry to the club.

Don’t panic though! Dressing up for the occasion is all part of the fun, and will add hugely to your whole fetish club night experience. The club’s website is a great source of dress code information; if they are holding a specific night then expect things like ‘come as an animal’, but if it’s just a regular club night the usual attire of choice is ‘Fetish Dress’.

This can be anything from head to toe rubber, skin-tight latex or nude except for a pair of fishnet tights. Fur, lace, PVC, Lycra and spandex may also feature.

You can wear as much or as little as you like, as long as you’re in keeping with the themes and materials suggested by your club of choice. Be aware though – although the majority of clubs allow complete nudity some clubs don’t – be sure to check before leaving the house!

If you’re still unsure exactly what to wear, look to the clubs galleries for inspiration or simple google ‘female/male fetish clothing’ in order to view outfits which are fetish friendly.

What exactly ‘goes down’ (pardon the pun) at a fetish club?

Again, this depends on the club you attend. In general though, expect plenty of dancing, drinking and socialising, just like any normal club.

There are a few irregularities you might witness, though; it’s not unusual to see acts of domination or submission happening around you, including spanking, bondage and general sadomasochism. Clubbers could be doing anything for whipping each other to walking across each other’s backs to worshiping feet – so keep an open mind!

In the play rooms and dungeons there will likely be equipment in use such as paddles, dentist chairs and ball gags – you can be involved in the ‘play’ side of things as much or as little as you wish to. Don’t be surprised to see couples swinging, engaging in sexual acts or orgies – fetish clubs are a place where you can explore your sexuality and feel at ease to be yourself and carry out your fantasies.

Any last words of advice?

Going to a fetish club should be a fun, liberating and most importantly safe experience. First timers should keep these tips in mind to ensure their experience is as enjoyable as possible:

Although most clubbers are friendly and respectful, some may not know when they are going too far, so it’s best to stay sober enough to know exactly what is going on around you and be able to clearly communicate your wishes and intentions. You don’t want to wake up with regrets, after all.

No matter how relaxed and liberal you are, there is a difference between enjoying the fetish scene and being taken advantage of; being groped and ‘enjoying consensual sexual play’ are two very different things. Your fetish club experience should be an all-round positive one, and you should never do anything you feel uncomfortable with; know your rights and don’t be afraid to say how you feel.

If it’s your first time at a fetish club, then there really is no need to rush – start off slow! Try one of the bigger clubs and don’t feel the need to participate right away – just watching will give you a good idea of what goes on and what you do and don’t feel comfortable doing. Avoid the dungeon/play rooms until you understand the scene and are able to clearly communicate your desires and limitations.

Club ideas for Bondage Virgins:

Torture Garden

The most famous fetish club in the UK, Torture Garden regularly puts on events, shows and performances. The venue is always large to meet the even larger demand, and the crowd is fun, friendly and relaxed, making it a great place for beginners.

Dance floors playing heavy dance music are always packed with enthusiastic clubbers, and are kept separate from the heavier elements of a fetish club (full frontal nudity, playrooms and dungeons) making this a great fetish venue with something for everyone, no matter your level of experience.  

Festival of Sins at the Purple Turtle Camden

A great place to start for first timers, this event bans all nudity and is more lenient with the dress code – meaning those that don’t wish to wear full on skin tight latex are able to attend! Some argue that Festival of Sins can’t be classed as a proper ‘fetish club’, but we think it’s a great way to ease yourself in, and a fun, kinky night out. Get ready to get saucy London.

Club Antichrist

This is one of the heaviest fetish clubs around, hence not necessarily recommended for beginners. Operating a proud no censorship policy, nudity is a regular occurrence and tissues, sweets and condoms are all handed out free. If you want to try something a bit more hard-core and less ‘mainstream’, then Club Antichrist just might be the club for you. But be warned – it’s not for the faint hearted.

Club Rub

Much like Torture Garden, Club Rub is renowned for its friendly, eclectic crowd; this club has something for everyone with ample dancefloors, play rooms, dungeons and dens. Each and every event is themed, so if you love dressing up, this one’s for you!


This fetish club has a rather specific clientele – namely dominant women and submissive men. Singles are welcome, but there are strict rules; men are required to dress as slaves and worship the female clientele down on their knees. This club is a more serious fetish event and therefore more focussed on the concept of dom/sub relationships than dancing, drinking and celebration. If you’re a lady who revels in the idea of being worshipped, or a guy who loves to serve then be sure to give Pedestal a visit!

All the best

Louis Carlton

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