The Streets caught up with rising R&B star Dolapo, to find out about her new single ‘Skin’ and her journey in the music biz so far. Dolapo’s new single ‘Skin’ follows her recent tracks ‘Blink of An Eye’ and ‘Down’ ft. WSTRN’s Louis Rei which has received critical claim. Dolapo is also behind the sound of many artists coming up in the UK. She has made her way singing backing vocals and co-writing singles for artists such as MoStack, ZieZie, Hardy Caprio, Young T and Bugsey.  Dolapo additionally landed herself a feature on Tion Wayne’s song ‘Home.’  With already a long list of collaborations under her belt. It appears that Dolapo is doing everything she needs to do to leave her imprint on the music industry and in 2019 she is only just getting started.

 Tell us about your new single Skin?
Skin is probably my most out there record, but I love it! It definitely explores the sexier side of me I don’t show on normal day. Also sonically, it’s like nothing else that I have. It’s very electronic and edgy but also minimalistic.

 How  would you describe your sound? 
I would say my sound is 100% R&B inspired. Especially, when it comes to the songwriting and the vocal production. I do struggle with being placed in one genre because I enjoy exploring new sounds and flows.

 What makes you feel empowered as a woman?
Praying and knowing I’m living my dream to the fullest. I worked hard and prayed to be in the position I’m in today, so not a day goes by that I don’t feel empowered by what I’m doing cause I know it was deserved and I’m 100% in control of my future.

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened in your career so far?
I think it’s working with people that I have genuinely been a fan of! For instance, I was on holiday at the start of last Year listening to one artist in particular pretty non-stop. By the end of the year I was working on multiple songs with them. Sometimes you don’t realise these amazing transitions happening when they are until stop and look back.

What challenges have you found in the music industry so far?
As much as I enjoy making music and being in studio, I still have to remember that I am in the “music business” and when it comes to dealing with the business, you just cant take anything personally

Who are your musical inspirations?
I have a lot, growing up in a Christian household – and in church every Sunday, I will say gospel music plays a huge role in why I make music. Like Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and so much more. I’m also inspired by a lot of R&B artists like Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, TLC, B2K etc. Also some more recent artists like Jhene, Ty Dolla Sign and Khalid

 Who is currently on your playlist? 
The WHOLE Mih-Ty album, which is odd cause I rarely listen to whole projects these days. Jhene, Burna Boy, khalid, Aishan

 Who would you love to collaborate with? 
Oooo I always struggle with this question! 100% Burna Boy – waayy too talented!

 How important do you feel sisterhood is in the music industry, have you been able to find this? 
I think sisterhood is SO crucial to us winning! Especially where woman are constantly pitted against each other, or we’re made to feel like if one sister is shining then that dims my shine? There’s enough room for everyone. I also think we’re much stronger when we come together. 

What advice would you give for someone coming up in the music industry?
Work harder than you did yesterday and seek advice from those who are already where you want to be in the future 

 What’s next for Dolapo?

More and more music, so stay tuned!

You can follow Dolapo on:

Instagram: Instagram/OfficialDolapo

Twitter: @OfficialDolapo


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