Francesca is a Mancunian singer/songwriter who is set to take the music industry by storm. The enthralling track ‘Fantasy’ which is her second single of the year, has already snatched the attention of super brand Pretty Little Thing, who have used her track in their adverts. ‘Fantasy’ rests on a melody inspired by Musiq Soulchild- ‘Just Friends‘ and is a strong follow up to Francesca’s debut single ‘Wanting Me’ a refreshing Rhythm ‘n’ Pop record.  After falling in love with her track ‘Fantasy’ The Streets caught up with the latest singer out of Manchester.

Tell us about your new single Fantasy? 

Fantasy is all about dangling myself in front of someone and teasing them but not giving all of me away.

How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always loved singing from a child I used to sing all the time in high school and college and then ended up finding myself in the studio and then it became second nature to make music.

Where do you get your inspirations from when writing music? 

My inspirations come from all aspects of life and many personal life experiences. Normally life experiences I’ve personally experienced myself . It sometimes can come from someone else’s perspective and what someone else has endured.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as a neo R&B sound with a House element to it. I feel like my music is music you can enjoy in many different environments and still feel uplifted.

How did the Pretty Little Thing Collaboration come about?

It was crazy actually I remember one day just going on Instagram and seeing the Music coordinator from PrettyLittleThing follow me and I was like woah so I checked my DM’s and seen I had a DM and then I thought well okay if this is something serious I’m gonna have an email and low and behold there was an email so yeah Ahahahahahaha crazy but I’m so grateful, shout out James man!

Is there an album in the works?

110% there’s an album in the works, there’s album’s in the works if I’m gonna be honest with you I have so much planned. I want to give people an album once I feel like people understand my sound more so you’ll be hearing a lot more singles for the time being but who knows I could wake up tomorrow I just wanna drop an album ahahahahahahaha.

Who would your dream collaborations be and what do you think about the current UK music scene?

I think the current UK music scene is amazing and I love how so many artists out there are flourishing in their own unique sound it’s so sick to see. I have many dream collaborations as I listen to so many different genres of music and so many different artists and producers. But I would say my one dream collaboration if I had to choose one would definitely be Kaytranada. I admire his work so much from the instruments he uses to even the selection of artists he includes in his projects so yeah he’s he’s definitely number one on my list.

Do you feel any pressure to compete with other female artists? 

None at all. I feel like all the female artists are flourishing and excellent beautifully in their own sound the same way I am. I don’t feel like Music is a competition I feel like we’re all just creatives doing what we love so I wouldn’t ever feel pressured from anyone else because they’re unapologetically them the same way I am unapologetically me.

Who is currently on your playlist?

The selection of artists and songs I listen to range massively like currently I’ve been listening to a lot of SIR, Drego & beno, Nate Dogg and Nines new album(crabs in a bucket).

What legacy do you want to leave in the music industry?

I want to let people connect with my music whether they’re feeling happy or sad but either way I want them to have a connection to the sounds that I create I want to entertain people with the music and be an amazing performer.

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