Amor magazine caught up with one brand, we thought inspired a lot of females! Fab Fem. Charis Jaird, the founder of fab fem talks to us about, her inspirations, views and reasons on making such a strong female brand!

Let’s take a look….

Tell us a bit about fab fem (Female Empowerment Movement)?

We aim to unite, uplift and empower females through many sectors in life such as fashion, beauty, health, coaching, business and personal advice etc. We are branching our brand out sector-by-sector, as we have just launched we have briefly touched on each sector but there is much more to come so stay tuned!

We love the inspiration you have for women! What made you want to start this?

Thank you! I have always wanted to have my own brand. FabFem initially started off solely as a fashion brand however as it expanded I decided to combine all of my ideas and interests into one brand. Female Empowerment is something I strongly stand by and I genuinely like helping and advising people so to be able to do this and more with my brand is great.

 How did it all start?

I started by briefly planning different designs. I wanted to build my brand name before I launched anything so I made an Instagram page that showcases inspirational female fashion and empowerment quotes – which rapidly grew. I then started building my team of ladies and now have around 60 team members in 7 countries worldwide and the rest is history! icon_smile-1771540

What/who was your inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are Kimora Lee Simmons, Beyonce and Jay Z. I’m also inspired by two of my closest people – one being a video director and the other a musician. I get inspired by life’s events, certain situations I’ve been in or around motivate me to make a difference.

Have you been through anything that made you want to make such a big difference towards females?

Yes most definitely. I have been through many things in my life that has lead me to this journey, but that will all be revealed in due time!

What type of model’s do you look for, in your company?

Our models all have different looks – we have such diverse ethnicity groups from Thai to Colombian to Bengali to Caribbean. We look for females with intriguing looks, healthy bodies (no size 0s!) and most importantly females that carry themselves in a way that reflects our brand initiative.

Would you say you were anti male or just pro female?

Im not anti-male – some of my biggest inspirations are men. I have a powerful team of male business mentors around me that are amazing. I go by the quote “a strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else”.

What have you guys done, to inspire females?

I’m approached by females and some males on a daily basis, telling me that my story, vision and the success of FabFem has inspired them and motivated them to achieve more. The advice I give on the website under empowerment sectors – focusing on subjects like self worth, abuse, business advice and more is inspiring and also by creating jobs and opportunities for my staff and models. This is just the start!

Anything exciting, coming up for fab fem?

Yes! We have a few events in September and October, and our iPhone app will be available soon. We have a lot to come but you will have to stay connected to see!

What is your advice towards females, who want to make a difference?

Be a goal-digger, be a go-getter. If you have hopes or dreams then turn them into visions and goals. The only thing in your way of climbing to the top is yourself, so train your mind to believe in yourself and that anything is possible. Don’t get thrown off my obstacles. Sometimes you don’t know exactly how you will reach your destination but with faith, hard work and belief – success will follow.

The fact there is a brand out their, aimed to inspire women, makes it as special as it is.

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Words: Wardah Sempa 

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