Carnival season is upon us again in the capital! Weather permitting, super short shorts, will swamp Notting Hill in the west side of London.

The three day weekend brings summer to a rapturous ending. With amazing food and drink from the islands and Africa. So much joy, fun and happiness is to be had during the 3 days that if you were not to dress up to match the bright, light and eclectic atmosphere you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

It’s a celebration of multicultural Britain and of all the different ethnicities and countries represented and the diversity and fabulousness they bring to these great shores.

Make the most of this weekend. Wear all the chunky jewellery you want, feathers, beads, headscarfs, sequins, tie-dye, bralets, whatever you want. You have a pass this weekend. Anything goes.

It’s going to be warm and with 1000s of people around you, all that twerking and dutty whining will have beads of sweat tickling down your head, so you’ll want to keep as cool as possible, so not to many layers and what you do wear should be made from a light weight material.

My top picks for bits to wear this coming weekend include headdresses. They’ll have you feeling like your part of the floats. You can get them on eBay, Primark and ASOS.

Tie dye clothing; really do bring the sun to the proceedings. You’ll feel like your on the beach sipping a pina colada. Like Jeninifer Aniston you’ll can look beautiful.

Bralets and crop tops; like the one seen on London superstar Rita Ora, have been key wardrobe staples for a few seasons now. Why not wear one during carnival weekend.

Denim shorts go with everything and are perfect for this weekends festivities, teamed with almost anything, you’ll make the perfect fashion statement like lady of the moment Miley Cyrus.

She teamed her look with leather and metallics heels which I’d recommend this weekend too. Rihanna, the carnival queen was seen in a metallic get up for Barbados’ annual Crop Over festival earlier this month.

And Pixie Lott was serving in her outfit for a night out with her fella. I particularly love her metallic oxfords. They would look great for carnival weekend and be comfortable on your feet with all the dancing and walking.

Floral prints epitomize summer and being outdoors, team floral bottoms with a slouchy light top like actress Olivia Wilde did for a great look with minimal effort.

Jumpsuits & playsuits are also great for an event like The Notting Hill Carnival. They give you huge fashion points but also the luxury to be free and airy. You can get them from retailers like ASOS.

Swimsuits & bodysuits like the one seen on Rihanna again during Crop Over in Barbados look fabulous. I suggest you team your one with shorts. The islands are a good 5,000 miles away!

Snapbacks perpetuate cool. So fling one on and add a cool London edge to your look like the gorgeous Cassie.

So there you have it, my picks for Carnival 2013 pieces. Wear what you like, fashion is about having fun and there isn’t a bunch of days filled with more fun than the carnival ones.

Have a blast, and have a drink on me!

Words: Ruth Fajemirokun

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