April & The Drift have released a brand new track entitled, ‘Souls Of Music’. The duo surprises fans with a sultry new track. The Australian duo use brooding guitar riffs, breezy percussion and a subdued melody to allow April’s serene vocals to capture the essence of the song. 

When speaking about the track, the group said: “It is about how I believe that there is a binding life source (the soul) within us all that interconnects us all as humans ~ no matter our genetic footprint and the place we come from. Also, it is about how I think especially in these times, and in this system, where it can be easy to lose track of who you are as a person or find the time to ever figure it out, how I believe only music can really get us back on track onto a better direction into the future as a human race. 

There has been a lot of talk about “hope” lately and I feel there is nothing more hopeful than our connection with music and each other through it and I do believe we honestly need it in order to get us onto a better course. I believe this I the truth, as there is nothing more healing, in my personal opinion anyway than music because of how it can connect us all as people (as well as animals) and because of how it can bring us closer to the truth as well as the greater forces of this universe, which are within us all.  

I felt like I was getting taught something by some strange energy I don’t really know or care what you call it, at the time I “wrote,” this song, mainly because it felt like I didn’t actually write it ~ it felt like it was written through me just like I believe our children does not come from us or are created by us ~ but merely through us ~ the source of life comes from someplace else.”

Listen to the full track below:

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