Published on 27th August 2021

Beth George returns with her newest pop ballad ‘Sour’, delivering moody piano and some seriously powerful vocals. As dynamic percussion and twangy riffs flood in, ‘Sour’ strikes the perfect balance between the gritty and the delicate. 

Beth revealed, “’Sour’ feels like the first track I’ve written in a long time that feels like ‘home’. It was during lockdown that I had time to myself to delve into my true writing roots with just my piano. It’s  a song reflecting on my childhood, how magical everything was and how adulthood & the real world is a kind of kick in the teeth. I feel like that transition from magic to mayhem slips by you so fast and it’s all taken for granted. Jack Gourlay had reached out to me a few weeks after it was written so I took it into the studio to work on together…I think at the time I decided to record it I was inspired by a lot of the very delicate, almost cyclical ballads like ‘mad world’ and ‘hometown glory’ and wanted to keep the production in a similar realm. It’s the most pure and personal music I’ve made so far and I’m so excited to share it!”

Don’t miss her sparkling new number. Take a listen here.

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