We’ve all become so obsessed with having those pearly whites that it can now start costing up to hundreds of pounds to obtain white gnashers. Luckily for you guys, we have found the solution in home teeth whitening kits!

Billion Dollar Smile have created DIY teeth whitening kits starting at an affordable £10.99. Billion Dollar Smile products are safe and effective, affordable, easy, and loved by influencers. Above all, the products are also cruelty free.

Importantly, Billion Dollar Smile also have a safety section on their website that provides their safety testing for anyone that is feeling a little unsure on the product.

Smile Strips

The most popular kits that Billion Dollar Smile do is their ‘smile strips’ which start retailing at £22.49 for 28 strips (14 top and 14 bottom). The ultra thin mint flavoured strips will start to whiten your teeth on contact, dissolving stains to reveal a whiter and brighter smile

Leave the strips on for 15 minutes, brush your teeth as usual and viola! instantly brighter and whiter looking teeth. The strips leave a gel layer over the teeth which feels strange at first but comes off instantly after brushing.

After roughly 3 days of using the strips other people began to notice my whiter teeth and I received so many comments which felt incredible as the products are so affordable.

In addition to the smile strips, they also have the ‘LED mini light kit’ which retails at £39.99. Each kit contains 3x 3ml non peroxide gel syringes, 5 LED mini light (SGS CE approved) and an instruction manual.

The use of the power of LED light technology to accelerate the whitening process and cut down treatment time. The gentle gel formation effortlessly removes stains and whitens teeth without damaging tooth enamel and the active ingredient is accelerated by the easy to use LED light which means whiter teeth faster.

All products are gentle on sensitive teeth and enamel friendly. They are available to buy either from their website www.billiondollarsmilecosmetics.co.uk or at www.superdrug.com.

I would most definitely recommend Billion Dollar Smile products for home teeth whitening as an affordable alternative and will be using their products in the future.

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