Beauty is as much about perception as it is about representation.For example, what might represent beauty and aesthetics in a woman may not represent the same standards in a man. Keeping that point of view in mind, here are a few easy to try recommendations for making your favourite car look more aesthetically pleasing than what most others drive around in.

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Change the Seat Covers

It’s surprising how much time and money we spend on making the car look great from outside, without even considering the interiors nearly as much. After all, you are going to spend almost all your time with your car inside it, so the car seats demand some attention as well.

Choose between dual covers, contrasting stitches, multi-coloured options, pastels and much more, but the general idea here is that whatever you choose, should cater to your own sense of aesthetics, while complementing the rest of the interior without a hitch.

Select the Right Kind of Lights to Complement the Car

You need lights that perfectly complement and illuminate your new seat covers and the whole interior of your car. Without the right type of interior lighting, everything will either feel too dark to see, or too bright to keep the lights on!

The exterior lighting is worth considering as well, and although a neon under glow is not the most popular choice, if it appeals to you, there are plenty of options for that as well. However, sparing and clever usage of LED strips is what works best for exterior lighting. Check the government guidelines before installing any new lights as there are some very specific laws in place here.

Get a Pair of 4D Number Plates

Also known as 3D Plus number plates, the 4D plates take the same aesthetics which 3D plates brought in with them years ago, to the next level detailing precision. While 3D gel plates still have their share of fans, a pair of 4D registration number plates are going to look better by default, not to mention the fact thatthey offer so much more in terms of personalisation possibilities.

Visit: to know how and in what ways you can customise your own laser cut 4D number plates. They also have 3D plates, regular plates, pressed metal plates and vintage plates among others, to choose your replacement/new plates from.

Alloy Wheels Add Practical and Cosmetic Value

Alloy wheels are going to make your car look better and if you choose the right kind of alloy, you will feel the difference from regular steel wheels as well. Consider the following to know why alloy wheels are a recommended and fairly easy way to upgrade your car’s performance and aesthetics, in most areas.

• Alloy wheels look significantly better by default, as compared to steel wheels

• Further customisation and detailing options are aplenty

• Made from an alloy of aluminium, nickel and magnesium, these are also much lighter than their steel counter parts

• Lighter wheel weight makes way for faster acceleration, quicker brake response and reduced suspension stress

• Dissipation of heat is aided more efficiently from the braking mechanism by alloy wheels than steel wheels

You can add a decal, get a new paintjob done, or go to the chop shop with a modification kit, if you are a motor head. However, if you are looking for quick, easy and aesthetically pleasing upgrades to your car, these few are definitely worth the money and the effort.

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