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Address: PUMP Shoreditch
168 Shoreditch High St
E1 6JE
Cuisine: American

Boneyard is a diner situated in the petrol-station-turned-street-food-market and such an interesting visit! Like no place I have ever dined at, Boneyard sells alcohol but you cannot consume it on the premises… the venue inherited its licence from the petrol station which prevents diners from drinking in the restaurant – very odd! But this didn’t affect me as alcohol was not my concern, I was more interested in what the menu had to offer.

Boneyard is one of the several eateries in Pump Shoreditch – it is an American inspired rib, chicken and cocktail bar serving delicious milkshakes, mouth-watering burgers, ribs and chicken. The huge tender slabs of pork ribs are probably London’s best and the salted caramel milkshakes are to die for! Oh and wait… the bone marrow burger is the juiciest burger I have ever tasted – wowza!

The staff are charismatic and very laid back, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. This place is not ideal for a date, it is more the place you take a group of friends… the people in your life who you aren’t embarrassed to get some barbeque sauce down your top infront of – this food is yummy but messy Amorelles – you have been warned.

One thing though, if you are there to dine, please remember you are essentially outside, so dress accordingly, scarfs and hats are a must in the winter. It is a must-go-to from me!

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

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