Bright Courtyard 

Address 43-45 Baker Street
Tw: @BrightCourtyard

Cuisine: Chinese 


Bright Courtyard is a modern Chinese restaurant with a fusion of Cantonese and Shanghai cuisine.  Here you will be able to find dishes that you are unlikely to find elsewhere in London – a truly unique dining experience in itself.

The menu is rather long, which I’m not really a fan of, but what was clever, was the fact that they had iPads for each individual to see pictures of every dish on the menu and they were presented at very tantalising angles.  In the end we opted for suggestions based on what we were feeling for.

For starters we had their dim sum platter, which was the best dim sum I’ve tasted of recent. Each one we tried, we changed our minds about which one we preferred best.

For mains we had two delightfully tasting dishes. We had beef with cumin seeds and chilli, alongside some Chilean seabass and steamed lotus leaf fried rice to accompany.  The beef dish is originally a lamb dish so they were able to meet our needs and adapt it into a beef dish and we were so pleased that they done so, because it was the best dish we tried – so good I’m getting hungry thinking about it now.

Onto dessert, borderline full from our first two courses, but we were tempted to go on.  The dessert menu was an interesting one, with dishes I had never heard of. As my tastebuds are quite adventurous, I wasn’t put off by these peculiar dishes but instead was intrigued.  We went for two soups – yes a soup for dessert. Snow fungus soup and glutinous rice dumpling soup.  We were informed that snow fungus is great for the skin, so naturally we ate that hoping to reap the benefits.  Out of the two, I preferred the rice dumpling soup, as it was much sweeter and was alike something I’ve had before and enjoyed. This was also a dessert said to only be found at this particular venue and no where else in London.


The restaurant itself is quite large with tables spread all around, but doesn’t feel crowded, ideal if the restaurant is at its full capacity. Bright offers private dining rooms and event space in their courtyard catering for up to 250 people.

The staff were all very professional, accommodating and helped us pick from the extensive menu.  There was a nice ambience with pleasant music playing in the background. The experience was easy (apart from choosing what to eat) comfortable and different.  All in all, the food was very appetising and we were left feeling like another visit was definitely on the cards.

Food/Drinks ★★★★☆ 

Words by: Toni Amporful

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