Besties, Rao and Bilen team up to release their startup business, LussoLDN.

LussoLDN will have several ventures under its umbrella such as events, media and fashion. This exciting brand has kick started their new venture with the online debate show Just Sayin’.

Just Sayin’ is a chat show designed to discuss a range of issues pertaining to young people. This series is based on relationships with the first episode discussing situationships, the unofficial relationship. Following the release of the web series LussoLDN will have a live debate/show case at the end of summer where the audience will have a chance to participate in the debate first-hand.

We love a debate, we can’t wait for this one! We will keep you posted with dates, times and locations once announced.

Check out Jus Sayin’s first instalment, the clip includes Rao and Bilen joined by 2 of their friends sharing their personal opinions, voxpops of the public, and a few scenarios. Let us know what you think:

What is your opinion on situationships – the girls discuss some very valid points. Do you think women agree to being in a situationship out of insecurity? Is any women really happy with being in a situationship?

How long should a situationship last?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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