Tailored outfits, masculine shaping and many brogues to boot, the new style of fashion is upon us. With structured shoulders, tassled shoes and a sharp co-ord suit, many brands from high street to designer are all competing to showcase their sleek new look.

“Culotte, the new cool short”- noted as a short but residing predominantly within the calf length. This small flare to super flared pant is hitting headlines like no tomorrow. Sitting high on the waist and varying in width, the culotte allows the woman to slide into the masculine fashion but in a sophisticated and still highly feminine way. Clean lines, sharp edges and tailored legs create a type of pant that can be easily transferable from the office to the par-tay(sorry, couldnt resist).

Some may believe that this type of pant isn’t appealing or flattering for their shape, and I for one should know, as I, well, have a big behind… However in saying this, after one rainy afternoon of shopping to make me deliriously happy(sad I knnow, but oh so good), I’d walked into H&M and was transfixed by a pair of mesmerising blue print culottes. Twenty minutes later and twirling around around the fitting room, my friend i’d brought along (ever so nicely) noted, that ” the print was disgusting”. Undeterred( and ignoring her as per) I carried them proudly around the shop until I’d come across the black version. Was this “safe” option really my best bet or could I be more daring..? Prints, can create a different identity to an item of clothing, allowing it to appeal as a dressy piece or as more low-key day wear.Allowing you to appear less “officey” and more casual but with a twist.

Browsing the racks, magazines, instagram accounts and more, it’s noteable that the culotte is mainly worn without such print. As minimalist, understated and plain culottes are more readily available, they allow the pant to speak for themselves. Not to mention adding a sharp edge and sofistication. Having said this, a printed culotte can be bashed out and worn beautifully with the right top and shoe, as not everything has to be so basic, right?

Regardless of the colour, texture or even print, the culottte is a firm staple for Fall 2014. Wearing them at work, to a restauraunt, or even to a wedding (alike me), they allow you to feel slender yet stylist and in an oh, so affordable way. Depending upon the cut, sit on the waist and length of leg, every woman can sport this pant, but just remember, if your a little ‘shortie’, bang on a heel and gather the leg- hey presto legs eleven.

My go to’s:

1. H&M- £14.99+

2. Primark- £10.00

3. Asos- £18.00+

4.Topshop- £40.00+

Ridiculously affordable, and easily transferable, go and treat yourself to a pair because trust me, you won’t regret it.

Sylist and the pant

Basic yet ‘bang on’- The H&M Beauties.

The Masculine way

Words: Emma L Ryan

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