Trenches, Mac’s, well whatever you wanna call em’ are well and truly in force right now. From the ultra long length to the short, from the silk to the wool they’re all down right beautiful. Allowing an outfit to transfer from day to night or boring to b.e.a.uuutiful.

Alongside this article contribution, I write a blog for myself. And in this blog I’d recently wrote a piece on the power of the mac, aka the dream of a coat. This may seem like repitition and an easy article to write, but if anything it just shows how much I seriously LOVE this type of coat.

From wearing the trench day to night, everyday, seven days a week, I’ve found that there is four key ways in which to wear it. The first being my second favourite, bringing the knot to the back, allowing the front to appear fully straight and with less material draping. The second is the ever so simple open front trench with the belting slung to each side. Making the coat appear more military and loose. Option three is the simple yet ever chic, tie around the middle.Clinching in the waist and defining your body so a figure shape is either created or further defined. And last but not least option four, one of the best ways to wear the trench( and a new found fave of mine to style any coat), thrown over the shoulders. Worn this way for either day or night, creating an appearance of a cape and lookin’ ever so slick. This styling of all four is my absolute go to look. Yeah you may look a little larger than normal from behind, but from the front you look oh so good.

With all these ways to wear then why wouldn’t you buy? And although I had to wait till Christmas for mine, you my friend do not. With the thousands of options out there, different variations in styles and prices, you have no reason not to. With an added bonus of Asos’ 20% off tomorrow then you’d be stupid not to-Go, go, goooo!

My trenched beauty, Asos, £70.00

-Bobble hat, H&M, £7.00

-Trainers, Converse, £45.00

A clinched waist shot

Night time trench inspo, Asos £52.00

Value trench, Asos, £40.00

Bargain beauty, Missguided,£26.00

-No sleeves? Yet so good. Add a long sleeve cami, leather trousers and pointed heels.

Words: Emma Louise Ryan


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