Having been a bright and confident source of smooth and evocative RnB-inspired releases since she was just 11 years old, California-based singer and songwriter DYLI looks to seduce us once again as she shares her latest delight ‘Backseat’.

With a sultry and seductive demeanour running throughout, ‘Backseat’ uses minimal production and a throbbing bassline to create a wonderfully warm and inviting new release that encapsulates her own bright yet passionate persona throughout.

And with her latest offering proving to be a hit across the streaming services right now, we wanted to find out where she gets her inspiration from and what five songs have influenced her most over the years.

“With my music taste being so versatile, it’s easy for me to find inspiration. In the past, anything by the Dirty Heads or Iration inspired me.  I grew up listening to old school hip-hop and reggae so at the start of my music career that’s what I liked to focus on creating. When I had my first studio session at 11, ‘Time Bomb’ by Iration was the first song I gave my producer for inspiration. To this day, it’s still one of my favourites. Lyrically, I’ve always appreciated the Dirty Heads. The writing and metaphors on some of their songs like ‘Sails To The Wind’, or more recent, ‘Burn Slow’ inspire me, even as an artist, today. 

As I’ve aged, my style has developed tremendously and I’m currently focusing on R&B, finding inspiration from artists such as H.E.R. and Jhené Aiko. Rhythmically, I really enjoy H.E.R.’s music, especially in ‘Facts’. In my most recent single,

‘Backseat’, I took inspiration from Jhené Aiko’s hit song, ‘Triggered’.  With this being said, I still find inspiration from any genre I listen to, My family and I are very open to new music and ideas. This is just a peek into my world of inspiration.”

Have a listen to the five songs that have inspired DYLI most below:

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