Alexander Wang has teamed up with a hughstreet favourite, H&M to bring us a designer meets high street collar. The New-York based designer initially teased his fans with a video to promote the range. The collection has been long awaited and anticipated since its announcement in April. The 61 piece collection is heavily sport themed and features minimal colour. The collection sticks to a staple colour pallet of white, black and grey.

The collection was a complete sell out both online and in stores. Pieces from the collection are already being sold on auction sites such as eBay with sizeable mark ups online. One silver puff jacket (retailing at £249.99) in store is currently on eBay for a staggering £599.99.

Rhianna was seen sporting a two piece from the collection two months before it hit stores, which has further increased the hype around these two items and the collection as a whole.

Words: Victoria Black

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