Model? Check, Fashionista? Check? Jourdan Riane has carved out her path in the fashion industry for quite some time now. Recently turned Youtuber, she discusses when she fell in love with beauty, possible future ventures and her favourite magazine feature to date!

You have been featured in a number of magazines and collaborated with a number of brands such as Boohoo, sleek makeup, Black beauty magazine. Tell me where your love for modelling first started from? 

My love for modelling first came when i was roughly 7/8 and did a “step by step” of how to do a dance routine and I loved it.

What brand/magazine has been your upmost favourite to date?  

My favourite has been doing Ponds for Elle Magazine! This was my favourite because it was the first magazine I’d done internationally. My face was all over the magazine and stores for over a year and I couldn’t have been more grateful for that milestone in my life.

You have modelled for both fashion and beauty brands, would you say you are more a beauty queen or fashion fanatic ?

I think I’m split 50/50. I used to be 100% fashion and then I tipped the scale and fell into beauty. I fell in love.

You launched a lifestyle channel a year ago, is Youtube something you knew you would always eventually fall into?
No I had no idea or intention of doing YouTube. It’s something that worked well every now and again for me because people asked for the videos I posted

What brand that you have not yet worked with would be your ultimate collaboration? 

I would LOVE to collaborate with Fenty Beauty
I feel that what Fenty stands for is inclusivity, and I really appreciate that about a brand.

Your personal style over on your Instagram page is so chic and well put together. Do you think you would ever start your own business in fashion?
I definitely will start my own business one day – maybe soon!

What is your relationship like with fellow UK influencers? Are you close friends with anyone well known?

I’m close with a few known people but I tend to keep myself to myself for the most part.

What other aspects of the creative industry do you see yourself venturing into next? 

I definitely want to venture into clothing, making my own lines – shoe collections & doing more beauty modelling. I would also love to do more travel vlogs too!

IG: @Jourdan Riane

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