The MTV VMA nominations caused an absolute frenzy on twitter last night!

Nicki Minaj was nominated for Best Female Video and Best Hip Hop Video for “Anaconda” as well as Best Collaboration for “Bang Bang,” her tune with Ariana Grade and Jessie J, but the 32 year old rapping beauty believes she got snubbed—and she’s not afraid to say it.

It all kicked off when Nicki Minaj retweeted a tweet from @MTV: Congrats, @NickiMinaj on your Best Hip-Hop Video #VMA nomination! Let’s work out to it!

Nicki’s response to @MTV: Congrats, @NickiMinaj on your Best Hip-Hop Video #VMA nomination! Let’s work out to it! – they don’t know what they started!

Nicki Minaj swiftly responded to the tweet calling MTV out for not nominating her ‘Anaconda’ or ‘Feeling Myself’ featuring Beyonce for the video of the year.

Minaj fired off a series of tweets (and numerous retweets from fans rallying to her defence) implying that she didn’t get the nod because she wasn’t the right “kind” of artist. “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year,” Minaj tweeted, along with a bunch of shady smile emojis. Swift, who gave Minaj the Swift Seal of Approval, was hurt by the perceived slight.

Taylor Swift then took it upon herself to respond to Nicki’s tweets

Shady? Taylor got a lot of backlash for this tweet from Nicki’s fans

Seems like both Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj fans were just as aggravated as the stars, when Kim Kardashian obliviously posted a picture from her ‘natural’ Vogue photo shoot with a caption from her husbands infamous “imma let you finish..” speech that was directly aimed at Taylor Swift, fans bombarded her with tweets and even threats to the point that she had to address it and change her caption.

Kim’s original post and caption

After recieving thousands of tweets from both Taylor and Nicki’s fans

Ed Sheeran VS Bruno Mars?!

Bruno Mars and buddy Ed Sheeran took to twitter to try and difuse the situation with some friendly banter.

Bruno Mars thought it was a good idea to start with Ed Sheeran until he saw his responce

@BrunoMars any way we do dis you gon’ come up short — Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) July 22, 2015

– @MyaSavannah

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