As long as, we have inner city kids and the “hood”, there will always be street wear!

Ever since the emergence of hip-hop as a music juggernaut, street wear has grown along with it. Rappers were the first to wear trainers outside of the gym and sports field!

Music and fashion has always been intertwined, and always will be, since whatever celebrities endorse the public want apiece. From this, it didn’t take rappers and singers long to start their own labels. ROCAWEAR (Jay Z), Sean John (P. Diddy) and more recently Chris Brown with Black Pyramid.

A lot of the most popular street wear brands right now are straight out of London! The fashion capital of the world (if I do say so myself) has the likes of Trapstar, VA_Garments and Criminal Damage.

Street wear usually consists of wooly hats, snap backs, hoodies, tees and jackets (Street chic). The look has clearly found its way onto the catwalks, of many designers in the form of sports lux and so on.

Another brand, which is huge with the celebs, in America, is Homies (Brian Litchtenberg), definitely relevant with the coolest celebs!

In termination street wear is a look and a lifestyle, grinded out from the streets! Dressing street has never been so chic!

Written by: Ruth Fajemirokun 

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