Fashion editor Wardah Sempa and fashion writer Milly Green share with AMOR readers their opinions on what swimwear actually suits YOU!


It’s come to that time of year when summer collections are appearing in magazines and shop windows. Whatever size or shape you are, you are bound to be apprehensive in anticipation of this season’s swimwear look. With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves to give you a step by step guide describing which swimwear design suits your shape. Whether you’re athletic, straight, pear shaped, a little bit curvy, or quite a bit curvy, we have great advice for you about what will suit that perfect shape! So embrace your shape and love your swimwear!

We’ve also got some celebrity examples (no shockers) for inspiration!

1.         Athletic


Wardah Sempa: It’s always hard to find the perfect bikini for a female athlete, especially when those feminine muscles are really hard! But with the perfect swimwear, a few girlie cut outs can show off your muscles like never before!

  • It’s always good to wear a swimsuit which will show off your abs. We LOVE abs and what better way to show them off than in a revealing bikini!
  • Try not to wear a loose bikini or swimwear, tight is always right!

Serena Williams has a perfect athletic body – and to embrace that body she wore a bikini that both matched her complexion and also showed off her abs – a perfect combination! (Take notes)


Milly Green:

With an athletic shape, we should focus on girlie ruffles, details and cut outs.

–       Show off your toned lower half with unusual style bikinis or swimsuits that highlight your figure.

–       Avoid bandeaus and boy-cut briefs! But go for bright colours!

Cameron Diaz loves to surf and has a gorgeous athletic figure. We love her bikini wardrobe.


Got to love great Abs!

2.         Straight


Wardah Sempa:: Sometimes a straight body can be pretty boring – but you guys don’t have any excess fat to feel nervous about – so show off that body! This is the type of body females usually want.

  • Always wear a well-patterned bikini to enhance that sexy body!
  • Avoid covering your body with tops or dresses, because you may have a non–fat body but you don’t have shape! So show off the petite body that you do have! 

AnnaLynne McCord is tiny, but has confidence, plus the perfect slim body!


Milly Green: Add feminine qualities with delicate details and pretty patterns.

–       With a straight shape, either fake the illusion of hips by enhancing your breast and bottom area with details and ruffles; or embrace the straight down hips and wear a skimpy number!

–       Avoid bandeau tops – they honestly don’t flatter anybody and instead they squash what you have!

–       Or try a belted swimsuit to draw attention to your ‘non-existent’ waistline!

Hayden Panettiere does not have a curve in sight, but embraces her body shape with style, attracting attention to her legs and making them appear longer, with the bikini string tie and supporting her breasts to the maximum.


3.         Pear


Wardah Sempa:  A pear body is very common, in fact this is my body shape! But  being slim and curvy is perfect because you can try on a lot of styles, both an all-in-one and a bikini!

  • Try not to reveal too much! Make sure your bottom half is pretty simple and give more attention to your top half to show off your shape!
  • In fact an all-in-one would be perfect for this shape! Try not to wear a bikini with lots of print.

Amber Rose is a great example!


  Milly Green: 

If your bottom half is a little bigger (like most of ours are!) then opt for a cleverly cut bottom.

–       Try minimal prints on your bottom half. Opt for something where attention is more focused on your top half. Try a dark bottom with a more vibrant print on top!

–       Try full-coverage briefs, hipsters, or boy shorts to hide those lumps and bumps.

And get inspired by Kelly Brook’s figure and gorgeous variety of bikinis! Check out her swimwear at


4.         Curvy


Wardah Sempa:  Which guy doesn’t LOVE curves, a bit of hips and a bit of bum? That’s what you call SEXY! 

  • Try to wear something which doesn’t cover your body but shows off a bit of cleavage.
  • Keep it simple with the colour and try not to go OTT with your swimwear!

Beyoncé is a GREAT example of curvy but beautiful, she manages to wear a bikini which shapes up her body perfectly!


Milly Green:

Complement your curves while keeping them secure!

–       Opt for a plain colour or understated print and an underwired bra top for maximum support. Alternatively, go for an all-in-one swimsuit which draws attention to your cleavage.

–       Avoid string tie up bikini tops and bottom – they don’t support or show off your assets!

Kim Kardashian embraces her curves on the beach and always looks amazing in beachwear. Take her advice – go with plain, bold colours and with maximum support!

Here are a few more tips to take note of before hitting the beach!

–       Make sure you exfoliate before you go away! Get rid of all your dry skin. This allows for a prolonged and sustained tan – which is every girl’s dream!

–       Jazz up your beach attire with a matching sarong, sunglasses and even footwear!

–       Don’t forget: posture is everything. When walking down the beach, don’t sink into the sand, tread carefully!

Words: Wardah Sempa and Milly Green 

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