Can you name the perfect mascara? Some would argue impossible and I would have agreed with you. Countless times I’ve loved a mascara’s formula but absolutely hated the brush and resorted to mixing and matching my products to try to come to some sort of compromise.  Yet, Eyeko may have come closest to offering us this possibility with the launch of their brand new Bespoke Mascara Wardrobe Bar at Harvey Nichols.

Vogue spoke to Eyeko co-founder Nina Leykind, “It creates a dialogue – you meet with your mascara editor at the bar and they talk with you about what you’re looking for in your mascara. Together you can try out all of the different brush types and formulas and come up with a mascara that’s tailor-made to you.”

Custom-made on site, there are over 100 unique combinations available and once ready to take home, your mascara is monogrammed and packaged in its own mirrored case! (Brand ambassador, Alexa Chung, poses for a photo with her personalised case below- photo from The Telegraph)

The service lasts for just 15 minutes and costs £28 which compared to Eyeko’s standard mascaras, priced between £15 and £20, it’s certainly affordable! From lash thickening formulas to tiny natural-look bristles, head down to Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge now where Eyeko’s lash stylists can create the perfect mascara for your eyes only!

Words by Araminta Pender

Edited by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editorial Assistant

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