admin November 30, 2012

Street food traders have come up with a winter warmer idea which they believe might actually be a winner; year long street food. But can a street food culture in Britain last? When we think winter warmers a fire place springs to mind, right? We think having hot chocolate and festive treats and seasonal films with the family around the fire. But how about taking this tradition to the streets with a lil’ added grease?

There are already Street Feast stalls set up in Hackney Downs, Woolwich, Brick Lane, Kings Cross, just to name a few. There, sits five or more food stalls; selling sweets, pies, hotdogs, burgers and chips, hot choc and more to tantalise the public’s taste buds and leave us all warm inside. However, it’s reported that market organisers has seen this as potentially an all year round business. But for some reason I don’t think they will benefit much from this move. If you so happen to be in any of those areas check them out and let us know what you thought. Or would you rather just popping into a nearby Chinese restaurant? I know I would.

By: Jan-Marie

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