Everyone wants to be unique. Every single person wants to be different and have something nobody else does. I think it’s time for me to introduce an amazing brand, which not only has amazing clothes but also includes amazing people.

Walking past a stall at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and straight-away noticing the displays; my eyes have paused for a few seconds.

The mannequins were having logo pyramids on instead of their heads. It all had an astonishing balance and proportion. Next, my eyes have moved onto the amazing clothes, which forced me to get involved in the stall and check out the rest.

Two beautiful girls, one of them being the brand’s designer. Bindi, denim shorts; all amazingly styled. Total ’90′s vibe chick’. The garments are ‘fresh, street style with inspiration from current ubran culture’.

They’re called ‘Trash Clothing’.

Check them out for yourself.


Words: Eliza Maciejewska 

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