From Street to Neat!

The name Robyn Travis may not mean much to you however, to me the name is a reminder of just how important our behaviour dictates to the younger generation more so than words, images, or education! “Monkey see, monkey do” is a phrase many of us know and understand well however, it isn’t how any of us would like to be referred. ‘Prisoner to the Streets’ is a powerful, insightful, honest and detailed account of one boy’s struggles throughout his childhood and teenage years, into his early twenties. It charts many lows and some highs during the postcode wars. Not holding back by any means, Robyn Travis shares with the reader his memories and experience from when he was part of a postcode war gang, to his stint in a Jamaican prison and later finally finding peace within himself and with it his way out of the gang. Now a father, Robyn Travis’ book is one written to encourage young people to stay away from gang culture, to inspire, educate and free our youth from such things. Most importantly those who still remain a prisoner to the streets.

Written by Charley Jai | @msCJ80

Prisoner to the Streets is out now and is available from Amazon

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