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Has Valentine’s Day got you stressed this year? Exercise is a great way to destress and what’s better than a good ol’ couples workout? Double the effort and with the right partner you can help motivate each other.

By joining forces in the gym or even at home, it is an assured way of spending one-on-one time together and it doesn’t have to even cost you anything in the process.

Try this Valentine’s Day workout with your partner and get your sweat on!

Have no fear single ladies, these workouts are not designed just for couples – grab your bestie and hit the gym!

Linked arm pistol squat
Facing your partner, clasp each other’s opposite wrists so your arms are crossed between you. Raise both of your left feet and simultaneously bend your right knees to sit back into one-legged squat. Press into your standing heel and engage your butt and thighs to come back to standing position. Continue doing three reps of 10 and then switch legs. 

Double boat pose 
Face each other, with either legs stretched out, straight or bent, and then grab each other’s arms. Great for abs and core strength. 

Kneeling twist
Kneel and with your backs against each others. Using a medicine ball (or something of a similar size) twist to one side handing your partner the ball, then twist to the other side to receive the ball back.

Wheelbarrow pushup squat
Start in a plank position whilst your partner holds your feet in their hands. Engage your core and do as many pushups as you can as your partner simultaneously lowers into a squat.

“High five” push ups
Both of you start in plank position facing each other, with about a foot of space between you. Lower yourself and when you push back up, raise one arm up to your partners making a high five – you both should extend the opposite hand/arm as you do this.

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