Wardah Sempa July 21, 2013

For most ladies the thought of going grey sends them into dread. When they find their first grey hair it sends them into a hysterical panic (” I have a grey hair! I am so oldddd! Wahhh” Is usually the statement I hear coming from friends who have experienced this.) Indeed the beauty companies make fortunes every year on hair beauty and dye products, selling to ladies who need to “cover up that grey hair”.

But whilst everyone else seems to be dying their hair to get rid of grey…Rihanna is embracing it. The singer and fashion trendsetter debuted her newly dyed grey hair as she left the Dorchester hotel.

Rihanna wrote on her Instagram alongside the photo’s of the new do ” New colour ice grey ish, call it #Brr” and ” Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!”

I for one love it!

Words: Elizabeth Bogue 

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