Tiered Mini dresses in the summer can be a challenge for many women especially when it comes to matching them with a suitable top. This is where a tiered mini dress style can help.

Black Tiered Mini Dress
Black Tiered Mini Dress @£49.00 neverfullydressed.co.uk

The versatility of these dresses is one of their biggest advantages. Being able to layer a dress with a pair of simple heels or an equally stylish handbag makes any look versatile and smart. Here we will examine some of the latest trends, which are very popular this summer.

Tiered Mini Dress
Tiered Mini Dress

One of the most popular trends is to wear bright, contrasting colours such as; neon pink, neon green and lime green. However, if you are choosing a more conventional colour scheme you may find that a more traditional shade such as cream or off-white is more appropriate.

FRANK LYMAN @£139.00 sisteronline.co.uk

As always, make sure that your accessories to complement your outfit and if you are aiming for a pop of colour opt for a large shoe accent or something that plays on the colour theme.


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Accessories are always a popular choice. In the past, accessories such as scarves, hair ties and hats have been very fashionable. It is believed that many accessories were chosen specifically to be the ‘something extra’ rather than something that added to the look. As a result, it may be more important to choose a simple top or short dress with the right accessories than to layer an entire dress with unnecessary accessories.

Leopard Print Tiered Mini Dress
Leopard Print Tiered Mini Dress @£12.49 shein.co.uk

For example, if you have a very simple tiered mini dress, then adding a huge silver necklace with a row of crystals may simply draw the eye down.

Choose details like a small beaded bag or a pretty colourful scarf to tie in with your Tiered mini dress. A pair of colourful high heels is also another option.

White Smock Tiered Frill Sleeve Mini Dress - Olah
White Smock Tiered Frill Sleeve Mini Dress – Olah @£5.99 rebelliousfashion.com

When it comes to accessories, again you have plenty of options. Earrings are an obvious must and you can choose a bold pair such as thick silver ones or tiny ones in gemstones.


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Make sure you pick something that really highlights your tiered mini dresses rather than blending into the background. Otherwise, you will come across as too fussy and distractingly obvious.

Grey Smock Tiered Frill Sleeve Mini Dress - Olah
Grey Smock Tiered Frill Sleeve Mini Dress – Olah @£5.99 rebelliousfashion.com

As you see, there are plenty of ways in which to jazz up a basic tiered mini dress.

Tiered Mini V-Neck Dress
Tiered Mini V-Neck Dress @£64.00 fenwick.co.uk

Jazzing it up doesn’t have to be difficult. With some careful planning and creative ideas, you can be sure to make this mini dress an instant hit.

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