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I believe that the mind is one of the most powerful tools in our world and we have the ability to create our future and live the life we want to live.

So here I have listed my top 5 self-help books I believe will develop your mind and I hope, will result in a life you are happier with.

  1. “The 4 Hour Work Week” By Tim Ferriss

This book teaches you the fundamentals of working smart, not hard. Sometimes we are so fixated on putting in so many hours into a project/task and end up not achieving what we set out to and wonder why we are getting burnt out. Often it is not the amount of time we are putting in to completing something, but rather how we are going about it.

  1. “How To Win Friends and Influence People” By Dale Carnegie

This book encourages you to be genuinely interested in people, a principle I believe everyone should adopt.

  1. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

“The Secret” is all about the teachings of what you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.

4. “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” T Harv Eker

The financial education in this book is priceless. Harv breaks down why your financial blueprint is the way it is and how you can alter it to contribute to the lifestyle you want to live.

  1. “The Science of Being Great” by Wallace Wattles

One principle that makes me love this book, is the fact that the teachings embrace the idea of God. A lot of self-help books I have come across disregard a higher being’s existence. This book is all about mastering your inner greatness with God.

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

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