Have you ever?nova-box-upright-200x300-4571313

Have you ever wanted a night in with yourself.

I have found my partner in crime and his name is Nova.

The new Nova is the women’s new  best friend – good bye Rabbit hello sleek; smooth, firm, breath taking Nova.  Offering simultaneous G- spot and clitoral vibrations with over 10 vibration modes taking you to every level  you could possibly want to go to hitting them notes as you climax.

Your Nova can go were ever you want it to go, in the bath , shower or the bedroom, I took mine to all three, it is even small enough to take on a weekend trip, it fits perfectly in your bag. With the low vibration sounds not waking up the person in the next room, you can secretly have as many orgasms as you want, the new Nova We- Vibe allows you to have a private party which I well and truly enjoyed.

My experience with Nova was one of the best, being in a long distance relationship can be hard on my personal sex life, I always enjoy sex with my boyfriend and nothing can take that experience away. But now I have the Nova, I can have my pleasure party whenever I want, which is a wish come true.

My biggest pleasure from using the Nova was how quiet the vibrations sound compared to other vibrating adult toys available, I have always been nervous to use a toy in case the whole house could hear the throbbing vibrations, but now I have no worries.  I was also delighted to feel how strong but yet light the vibrations gently trembled on my clit, the pressure was just right and with 10 modes of various vibrating motions you can climax as fast or as slowly as you want gradually teasing yourself.

One of the biggest delights of using this was; I could be selfish and it was all about me, and once finished I could pack it away safely in my draw and relax for the rest of the night knowing my Nova is ready and waiting for me whenever I demand him. I have complete and utter control and there is nothing more powerful than a women pleasing herself.

The added extra of this compact pleasure pleaser comes with a free App on your smart phone where you partner can tease you from his location anywhere in the world. For someone in a long distance relationship this is great as I can have my boyfriend pleasure me without him even being by my side. This adds a whole new level of intimacy to our relationship.

We-Connect smartphone app.

With Love


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